At Babease we believe in food for babies not baby food


How Babease started

It all started from a desire to understand more about what we feed our children and to help support mums, dads and little ones as they take their first exciting steps into the world of real food. We know that it can be daunting with so many opinions, advice, products and complicated allergen guidance. We wanted to change that.


Why Babease?

Our products are designed to be both nutritious and kind to young tummies with all the tastes and textures to keep little mouths interested. All of our recipes are vegetable-led and we focus on using premium organic ingredients in every one to help make sure little ones get all the goodness they need. We want to give you and your family the most flavour packed food possible which means we have included some ingredients never used before in the baby food market – gentle on little tummies and wonderful for their taste buds to help them develop a broad palette. We try to source our ingredients from the UK where possible but for some ingredients, like the coconut water, we have to go to sunnier climates.

To help mums and dads make informed and easy choices, we list out all of the recipe ingredients clearly on the front and back of pack. Most importantly, we’ve tried and tested each of our recipes in the Babease kitchen with the best experts we know – mums and dads. 

We've also designed our back of pack to be clear at a glance: our wonderfully simple ingredient wheel has been designed especially to show you the exact break down of each recipe.


And to help you be in complete control of how much fruit you treat your little one to we follow some simple rules.

In our Stage 1 vegetable & fruit combinations, we never use more than 30% fruit.

In our Stage 2 savoury recipes we never include fruit.


At Babease we're proud to be part of your little ones discovery of real food and exciting flavour combinations

Every ingredient used for a reason