All Day Weaning Tips: October

Do you have a question about your baby or toddler’s nutrition? Struggling with complementary feeding? Looking for some tips to help your fussy eater?

Every month we will be holding an all day Q&A session where our in-house dietitian, Paula, will be answering all your questions! If you missed this months, here are some of the most commonly asked questions and answers - we hope you find it helpful.


I have a 11 month old. How often should you introduce new foods? (@rebekahfox)

Try to offer as much variety as you can so that by 12-15 months, your toddler is eating the family meals. You can offer a new food every couple of days and remember to keep offering previously "not liked" foods. 

Started weaning- baby hates any lumps- how do I encourage her to try swallowing the lumps? (@hilstaylor)

Some babies don't like lumps at first but if you encourage them by making the puréed foods thicker at first and with soft finger foods alongside the purée, they should get the hang of it. You can also try 'bite and dissolve' foods that melt in the mouth and encourages your baby with lumps. There are various 'puffs' in the supermarket that you could try. 

My son is 15 months old and is a very fussy eater. He refuses to feed himself, throws food, and gags on any form of lump so will only eat thick purées still. How can I move him on to eating meals with the family by himself and move him past the purees? Help! (@famida_h)

You've not had an easy time with your son! Did he have reflux as a baby? Sometimes children who have had a history of reflux can have a very strong gag reflex and be sensitive with lumps. Try him on some 'bite and dissolve' foods that melt in the mouth (such as 'puffs' or wafer biscuits) to help move him on with his textures. You can also finger foods with a dip, such as hummus and pitta bread or apple slices dipped in peanut butter or toast and cream cheese. Finger foods may also encourage him to put food in his mouth himself. You could also try some 'messy play' outside of meal times...use food and let him play with it but no pressure to eat it (eg. use cooked spaghetti and food colouring ("worms"), corn flour and water is great and very messy). He may be getting bored of pureed foods at 15 months, so try to offer as many finger foods as you can.

My son has been diagnosed with a non-IgE mediated cow’s milk allergy. He is currently bottle fed Neocate which cured the diarrhoea, eczema and reflux he was having. We have been recommended to cut out dairy in his diet when he started weaning. In a couple of weeks he will be 6 months old; what should I substitute yoghurts etc. with? And when can I start to introduce dairy products? (@v_al4m)

Your son has not had an easy start, but glad to hear his symptoms have improved. If he's on Neocate, I would recommend avoiding dairy as well as soya, to start with anyhow. You can start weaning with veggies, fruit, soft meats (great source of iron) and also cereals/porridges. Neocate will still be an important source of nutrition until he's a year old and beyond. You can use Neocate in cooking, such as a white sauce or custard. There's also a product called Neocate spoon which may be helpful. You can also use calcium-fortified coconut yoghurt or oat-based 'creme fraiche'. Check for calcium fortified brand. I would recommend a referral to a paediatric dietitian. 

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