All Day Weaning Tips: November

Do you have a question about your baby or toddler’s nutrition? Struggling with complementary feeding? Looking for some tips to help your fussy eater?

Every month we hold an all day Q&A session on Instagram where our in-house dietitian, Paula, answers all your questions! If you missed November's Q&A, here are some of the most commonly asked questions and answers - we hope you find it helpful.


My 9 month old son loves solid food. We started weaning at six months, and he was always eager to try everything and was excited about new flavours. However, I’ve noticed lately that he much prefers fruit, and most of the veg tends to end up on the floor. What’s the best way to encourage him to eat more veg like broccoli & cauliflower that are not naturally sweet? (@weaning_tastes)

The first thing I’d say is, don’t give up! I know it’s disheartening when the food is dropped on the floor but keep trying! By 9 months, he will probably be keen on finger foods, so try veggies with a dip of hummus, cream cheese, mayonnaise or plain yoghurt with herbs or garlic. He may enjoy the dipping! Another idea is to try veggie fritters such as sweet corn fritters or savoury muffins, such as courgettes or carrots. You can also try roasting cauliflower or stir fried broccoli. Try presenting or cooking the veggies in different ways.

I have a 6 month old little girl who is dairy intolerant. She has been eating puree since 17 weeks as she had bad reflux and refused milk. I am introducing finger foods and a snack type dinner in the evening, but I am runnig out of ideas that would be suitable. She has fruit and veg sticks and toast. (@rachel.wass93)

How about trying oats porridge with her special formula added? (Is she on an EHF or AA formula?) You could also introduce some high protein foods such as meats (puréed or cooked until very soft), or pulses/beans/hummus/nut butters. You could also try soft cooked pasta, rice, or couscous!

I have an 8.5 month baby girl, and like most babies her age she eats three meals a day. I am still unsure on portion sizes, she has a good appetite but I don’t want to overfeed her! (@mrssrush)

Portion sizes for under 1s are tricky as there is no clear guidance... it is a good idea to go with your baby’s appetite, but still offer 3-4 breastfeeds, or Approx 500-600ml formula milk per day. Offer water at mealtimes from a cup too. If you get her weight and length measured every 1-2 months, you can track her growth on her growth chart which is a good indicator if she’s getting enough (or too much) nutrition. PS. There is some good portion size info for toddlers from 1-4 years on the Infant and Toddler Forum and British Nutrition Foundation ‘5532-a-day’ toddler info.


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