Our Weaning Journey: Gem and Ru

We recently spoke to Gemma Louise about her experiences throughout her weaning journey with her little boy Reuben (aka Ru).

"I am Gemma, mummy to Reuben who just turned 1, it was so great to celebrate! I'm a single parent and Ru is my world 😊 ! "


Where abouts are you on your weaning journey?

We are well into our weaning journey now, we do a mix of BLW and puree feeding as sometimes it's easier and less messy for me to feed him. He's also quite fussy (especially whilst teething) which makes it difficult to know what foods to make. So sometimes it's easier for me to just dig something out the cupboard that I know he likes and will eat rather than try and make him something he can feed himself that will just get thrown on the floor. He is generally quite a good eater now though, he'll eat all sorts including pizza!


Reuben' favourite foods are bananas, weetabix & yogurts. He also loves anything with tomato in, his favourite Babease pouch is the  pumpkin, chickpea tomato & brown rice one!


I struggle with the fussiness really, sometimes I will cook up something really healthy & delicious and he won't even try it! He used to struggle to chew on foods too, until he was around 9 months old we really struggled with that, but now he's fine. Especially with all the new teeth!


Your top tip?

My top tip would be to be prepared for the mess. I swear I spend 80% of my day cleaning up after meal times!

Favourite homemade recipe?

Our favourite meal to cook is probably spaghetti bolognese, it's something super easy to throw together yet tastes delicious and we both love it. Reuben always eats it all up.

Favourite Babease recipe?

We haven't tried any yet but we fancy trying the pumpkin and chickpea curry now that it's October!

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