Glowing through pregnancy – how to make the most of every month


Being pregnant can be one of the most magical feelings – a bubble of pride, contentment and excitement about meeting a mini version of you. Some people glide through pregnancy without any trouble, feeling full of energy and a new found purpose. Others find it tougher with morning sickness, heaviness, achy muscles and a new shape to get used to. No matter what kind of pregnancy you have there are a few things you can try to help you feel like a glowing mum-to-be.

In the early months, you may suffer from morning sickness and a lack of energy. It’s completely normal and just your body’s way of getting used to the phenomenal changes it goes through to prepare you to bring a new person into the world. It’s really important to listen to your body and follow it’s lead – it knows what you need so don’t battle with eating things that make you feel queasy, you’ll always make up for a less varied diet in the later stages. If you have a craving for something strange, it’s just another sign your body wants to max out on a few things so go ahead and make the most of some funny eating habits for a while. If your stomach is really unsettled, try some fresh ginger and lemon in hot water to calm it, eat little and often, eat plenty of plain carbohydrates to keep your energy levels high and avoid rich foods. Check out our recipes on the inside of our packs for more top tips about energy boosting, nutritious snacks and meals created especially for mums and keep an eye on our website for new recipes coming soon. 

It’s worth taking a pregnancy supplement as an easy, non-stomach turning way to make sure you’re getting the vitamins and minerals your body needs. If you feel up to it, do try and eat as varied diet as possible with plenty of vegetables, proteins and some dairy to give you the calcium you need. The exciting journey of food for your little one starts during pregnancy as he or she will experience what you eat through your blood stream. You can find more information about foods to avoid and those to top up on our website.

If you can find the time, plan ahead and make sure your freezer is stocked up with easy meals – the first few weeks of parenthood can be a whirlwind so you’ll find that cooking is the last thing you want to be doing.

Aside from diet, there are plenty of things you can try to get that glowing feeling. Pregnancy yoga will help you stretch the muscles that need stretching, making room for your baby and helping him or her move into the right positions throughout the later stages of pregnancy. Yoga can also help you with your breathing and relaxation as you approach your due date.

If you’ve always exercised, stick to it! Again listen to your body and avoid high impact sports for obvious reasons but plenty of walking, swimming and gentle cardio will help keep your body strong and give you an extra boost of endorphins to make you feel great. As you get into the later stages of pregnancy you will find that you need to slow down and take things more gently but keeping upright and active will help you feel more energetic and help your baby move into position to come and meet you.

Treat yourself to a massage to ease those aches and pains and take a little you time. Remember to check that your therapist is trained in pregnancy massage as regular massage is not suitable as you grow your little one.

Read lots. Nothing prepares you for the arrival of your first but reading about what to expect can help you feel empowered and get you even more excited. Choose an author you like the style of and dip in throughout your pregnancy. There are some fantastic books that take you through your pregnancy day by day, telling you how your baby is developing at every stage. There are some great books out there for dads too – at Babease we love The Expectant Dad’s Handbook by Dean Beaumont.

Make time for you, your friends and your partner. Nine months may seem like a long time at points but it’ll be gone before you know it and time will become very precious. It’s really important to spend time with your favourite people doing the things you love. 

Don’t compare yourself to others. Every pregnancy is unique, spend time enjoying yours and thinking about what it’s all for. There will be wonderful days in your pregnancy and ones that feel more of a struggle but remember what a miracle it is and what an amazing thing you and your partner are doing by having a baby. 

At Babease we’ve always preferred the more honest, open approach, using our own expertise and listening to the best baby experts we know, mums.

We’d love to hear how you are finding your pregnancy or how you found it if you’ve already got your little one – the good and the bad. How did you get that pregnancy glow?

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