Savoury Bakes Workshop with Bee's Bakery

We recently hosted a Savoury Bakes Workshop with Bee's Bakery, to share & spread our love for savoury baking, and show how to pack a punch with flavour. We invited some of our favourite bloggers and customers along to our kitchen where Bee taught them, and their future foodies, two simple but super tasty recipes for both of them to enjoy!

We pack veg into our recipes, and herbs & spices give them an extra boost of flavour. Treat yourself to a Seeded Savoury Cheesy Biscuit or Immune Boosting Mince Pie to see how simple (but tasty) it really can be! We'd love to see your bakes, tag us @babease and #FutureFoodies. 

Happy Baking!

Tom RedwoodComment