Vegetable Led Weaning – A new Generation of Baby food


Tom Redwood, founder of Babease talks to the Vegetarian Society about how it all started and the exciting new range of baby food he created that is packed full of vegetables!

Growing up, I was lucky enough to have a mum and dad who are both fabulous cooks! Coming from a large family (1 of 5!), meal times were important as we all got to sit around the table, sharing stories, catching up on news and often fighting over the last scoop of pasta or piece of garlic bread.

I grew up loving food, so ending up as a chef was not a surprise to people who knew me.

It was my passion for food that made me start Babease. I was surprised to find all the fruit based baby food that was out on the market and not the sort of meals I grew up eating. Not enough vegetable led products and way too much focus on fruit!

So I got together with some wonderful experts and got cooking in the kitchen. Before long, we came up with some wonderful recipes with a real focus on vegetables, grains, seeds and pulses, where every ingredient is used for a reason. Using ingredients like fennel which is gentle on the baby’s digestive system and cooking brown rice and quinoa in coconut water to add potassium, electrolytes, minerals and vitamins.

All recipes are perfectly balanced for a little ones tummy using herbs and spices, and even our hand blended mild masala to excite their taste buds. We create real recipes to help start your little one in the right direction on the journey of food; food for babies, not baby food.

Let’s all get excited and celebrate the new generation of baby food, packed full of vegetables…vegetable led weaning!


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