At Babease we passionately believe the exciting journey of food starts from the very first mouthful.

That's why our experts - a Chef, a Nutritionist and the best experts we know, Mums - have created a perfectly balanced vegetable-led range of recipes for your baby, where every ingredient is used for a reason.

Food for babies, not baby food.


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Our Experts


Babease was born with a desire to provide an honest and transparent baby food range with a focus on vegetable led recipes and no fruit fillers. A wonderful group of people with a passion for health and wellbeing (not to mention great food!) have come together to combine their expertise and knowledge to create a perfectly balanced range of baby food.


Our Ingredients

At Babease we love vegetables and understand how important it is as parents to understand what you are feeding your little ones. That's why we always list our ingredients in order  on the front and back of pack. We have also developed a clear, honest and informative ingredient wheel on each pack to show you the exact breakdown of the ingredients even at a glance.


100% Organic

No added salt

No added sugar



Suitable for vegetarians