The wonderful carrot is full of Vitamins A and K. Vitamin A is important for normal growth and development and helps to keep the immune system healthy. Vitamin K is the magic nutrient that helps bones to stay strong and blood to clot so wounds can heal quickly.

When to give to your baby

Carrots are often one of baby’s first foods and make a good first weaning food choice. We recommend to start weaning at around 6 months, however every baby is different so follow your instinct or consult your health visitor if you are not sure. For more information on weaning visit our weaning section in ‘your journey’.

How to select them and how to store them for your baby

Wherever possible we like to use organic carrots, which means that they have not been sprayed or treated with any nasties. We understand that this is not always possible so make sure you select the best ones available at the time. Try to pick ones that are firm, without any bruises or soft brown spots, and they should smell fresh. They store well and are perfect to have on hand for an easy last minute supper. They can be kept up to 7 days in the fridge, and are best kept loose (not in plastic bag). Nowadays there are lots of different varieties to choose from, so once your little one gets older it can be fun to play around with different ones as the colours can be pretty striking. 

Best way to cook them for your baby

Carrots make a perfect silky first puree. You can steam them until tender and then blend using some of the water you cooked them in if the puree is too thick. Once you move onto finger foods, try part cooking them in a steamer in batons before roasting with olive oil, cumin and a squeeze of orange. A great way to introduce your little one to new textures and flavours.

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