Packed full of Vitamin B6 and fibre the humble onion is a great little vegetable to add to your little ones diet for flavour and goodness. Fibre aids digestion and Vitamin B6 helps the body release and store energy from food and helps maintain a healthy immune and nervous system. 



When to give to your baby 

Onion is a great vegetable to add flavour early on your baby’s journey. We recommend introducing onion at +7 months, however every baby is different so follow your instinct or consult your health visitor if you are not sure. We do not recommend offering your baby an onion on its own but rather that you add this beautiful vegetable your baby’s meals when you are ready for more flavour, a little at a time.

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Cooking onion at home

The perfect onion

We always organic onion, which means that it has not been sprayed or treated with any nasties. When introducing onions you might want to start with the sweetest tasting onion varieties like the Spanish onions. However you can always use shallots or whatever onions you have to hand. Store onions in a cool and dry place in your home.

Best way to cook them for your baby

Try cooking it gently in coconut oil until soft before adding it to other vegetables to create delicious combinations to stimulate your little ones palate. For extra flavour you can cut them in pieces and roast them before adding to your little ones favourite combinations. Onions also make a great base for stock and can be used to cook your favourite brown rice or quinoa.

What goes well with onion

Brown rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa, tomato, fennel, parsnip, lentils, broccoli.