Welcome to Babease! We’re here to make the weaning journey fun, enjoyable and - above all - delicious for budding foodies and their parents. That’s why we make food for babies, not baby food.

The weaning journey isn’t just about your little one starting solids; it should be an introduction to fantastic flavours, nutritious eats and wholesome foods that spark excitement and eagerness to try more.

Our organic baby food is veg-led and made in the UK. Vegetables are at the heart of everything we do; introducing veg in the first stages of weaning helps to broaden your baby’s palate and set them on the way to a positive relationship with food in later years. 

With Babease, your tiny taster can begin their food adventures with a medley of flavours and textures from organic, nutritionally-balanced meals packed with veggie goodness. 

From meal pouches and finger foods to expert nutrition advice and recipes for the whole family to enjoy, we’re here to support you on every step of the weaning journey. Babease exists because we want to see parents more informed and babies more fulfilled.

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