My Babease Sweet Enough

5 min read

Last year, Action on Sugar shared their research into the sugar content of foods meant for babies and toddlers. The results were pretty alarming, with only six of the products analysed being found to have a green label-worthy amount of sugar in them. 

Here at Babease, we know that your little one’s food doesn’t need tonnes of sugar. Your baby is already sweet enough! 


We pride ourselves on offering veg-led weaning products that have no added sugars and are low in natural sugar too. We use nutritious veggies and grains to provide scrumptious meals for little ones, and we’re completely transparent about what’s inside our pouches; no hidden fruits, added sugar or salt. Each pouch and packet shows exactly what’s inside. 

To celebrate our commitment to providing food with a healthy level of sugar for little ones, we’re launching our Sweet Enough social media campaign to show that we think babies are sweet enough - they’re too cute already to need any more sugar in what they eat! 

If you’d like to take part and raise awareness of the hidden sugars in baby foods, take a snap of your super sweet little one and share it to Instagram with the hashtag #MyBabeaseSweetEnough for a chance to win a weaning bundle (full of low sugar, veggie goodness, of course!). 

All entries will be entered into a prize draw to win a weaning bundle and the winner will be randomly selected. You’ll also have the chance to have your sweetie pie featured on the Babease Instagram to help us spread the message that #MyBabeaseSweetEnough!