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The importance of a complete meal

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What’s all the noise about a complete meal??

In 2016 we wanted to raise the bar of what we feed our little ones, so we worked with the best Nutritionists and Dieticians possible to tear up the guidelines of what we feed our little ones and go against the grain with a radical new direction! At the end of 2016 we were ready with our new approach to our recipes.

So what is the problem? 

Stage 2 and beyond products often are lacking in enough protein (as low as 5%!!!!) and are sometimes too low in calories, closer even to diet food than to real food!  

We thought it was bonkers that the industry follows packaging guidelines, rather than the advice of the experts. For example, if you call a product “Squishy Wishy Fishy Pie” you only have to have 5% Fish. That’s because you used the word Squishy?? The average protein content is only 10%, which is also bonkers! If you speak to a Dietician or a Nutritionist, they would say that we need to feed our little ones a balanced diet following the balanced plate theory, so that’s 20% protein. They DON’T say what you call a product,  should define what % of fish, meat or plant based protein you should use! 

Often (again in stage 2 and beyond) too much water or stock is used, which brings down the calories, which means your little one isn’t getting what they need. 

Did you know that Breast or Formula milk as around 65 calories per 100ml? So, if you drop too much below this, you are not offering your little one all the goodness they need! What’s crazy is there are some products out there that are as low as 32 calories per 100ml and the average is only 50!! MADNESS!! We are giving our little one’s empty meals, and the worse thing about it is that the industry is doing nothing about it!!

I’m not saying that we need to now start counting calories we feed our little ones…DEFINITELY NOT!! If you cook homemade meals, then you are probably doing everything just right! This is all about how the industry NEEDS to take responsibilty and ensure that we make sure that every stage 2 meal or above is a complete meal. That we use as much protein as we should and that we DON’T dilute the meals with excess stock or water! 

Also let’s not get obsessed with calories. Not all calories are equal (serving Chocolate caramel brownies to your LO is NOT how to boost the calories of a meal and make them complete!). But let us, the industry, obsess over it for you and make sure that WE are doing the right thing and that WE have your back. That’s my promise to you all anyway. We will always strive to improve and to drive the standards making what we do, the norm. 


Raising the standards!

So what we do is add lots of flavour to our food so they taste amazing, work with locally sourced ingredients, make our food in small batches and NEVER compromise, and you have what we at BABEASE call the standard. We also have made some strict internal guidelines that go above and beyond what is currently set by the industry. We guarantee in every stage 2 meal and beyond that we:

  • Use 20% of named sauce of protein, weather that’s plant, fish or meat protein.
  • Never dilute with water
  • Guarantee at least 65 calories per 100g
This is what we call a complete meal!

We are proud at what we do here at BABEASE, and we hope it catches on. The standards that we set in 2016 are already being copied, and when we are asked if we care? We say “Hell no! This is the magic!! We can’t be on a mission about creating change and wanting to drive standards, and then when we start making an impact and see other brands follow in our footsteps, complain! We celebrate this as this is what it’s all about. We are happy to be the inspiration for change and will continue to drive this mission forward!!”

We make exceptional as standard. We make food for babies, not baby food.