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Baby Christmas Food Ideas

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Christmas is a time for family, traditions and, of course, good food! 

The festive season presents a brilliant opportunity to introduce your little one to some new Christmassy flavours that add to the magic of the season. 

Here at Babease, we are passionate about all things veg, and the Christmas period does not disappoint. With sprouts, parsnips and red cabbage, to name but a few, there are plenty of exciting vegetables for your budding foodie to try. 

We also know that the run-up to Christmas can be a hectic time for parents. There’s not always time to be in the kitchen cooking your favourite weaning recipes. So if you need a quick, flavourful Christmas meal, our baby food pouches are convenient and packed with veggies, so you’re able to give your little one great food without any hassle!

Christmas Dinner for Babies

Christmas is all about being with loved ones, so making sure baby can be in the heart of the action is important. 

Getting your little one involved in the Christmas Day meal, whatever that means for your family, is a great way to give them a new mealtime experience and will, of course, show them a whole new world of tasty veggies! 

Even if your family doesn’t have the traditional Christmas meal with turkey and all the trimmings, a celebration builds a sense of occasion and brings something new and exciting to your baby’s food experience, helping to create a sense of fun for food and trying new things. 

Many items on the traditional Christmas plate can be easily adapted to accommodate your budding foodie, so encourage those in the later weaning stages to explore your plate and see what veggies they can find. 

So, what can baby eat for Christmas?

a bowl of roast potatoes

Christmas Potatoes for Babies

We all love potatoes! A staple of the traditional Christmas dinner, potatoes are an excellent choice for baby’s plate - especially when you’ve cooked up a batch of roasties for the table! 

A fantastic food for the weaning journey, potatoes are rich in vitamin B and various minerals. Their versatility makes them the perfect finger food or meal accompaniment for little ones. 

Roast potatoes can be given whole for your little one to hold in their hand and munch on as part of baby led weaning. They can also be mashed up or cut into chunks if it’s easier for baby to eat, and to explore a range of different texture experiences. 

Christmas Brussels Sprouts for Babies

Brussels sprouts are famous for being an unfavourable veggie, but this just isn’t fair! When cooked properly and combined with the right ingredients, sprouts can be just as tasty as the more popular veggies. 

We believe that introducing your baby to a wide variety of vegetables, including more bitter-tasting ones like sprouts, is one of the best things to do on the weaning journey. Introducing more bitter vegetables early on can help with the development of your child’s relationship with food that will continue into later life. The expansion of your baby’s palate starts with the exploration of lots of different veggies.

Your little one may reject bitter veggies like sprouts initially, but with a bit of perseverance and encouragement, you will have them happily eating along in no time. Try not to feel discouraged if you’re shown a grumpy face at first! 

Check out our brussels sprout salad recipe for an exciting way of serving up these tiny greens for your little ones.


Be Mindful of Salt Content for Babies

While there are lots of brilliant vegetables on display, this season also presents some very indulgent foods that might not be as appropriate for your baby. 

Pigs in blankets are a Christmas favourite, but it’s better to keep these treats for the adults as they are often packed with salt – far too much for those of the weaning age. 

The same is true for gravy, which typically has a high sodium content. You can find salt-free gravy if you want to offer baby a true taste of Christmas. 


Exploring New Textures

One of the wonderful things about Christmastime is the sheer variety of foods on the table. This is no different for your budding foodie – there will be lots of opportunities for little hands to reach for something new. 

With this variety comes new tastes and textures. Encourage your little one to explore the different textures that they might not have encountered before. 

Maybe turkey is something altogether new to them; if opting for the Christmas classic, you can shred turkey and serve with low-sodium gravy and assorted veggie sticks or mash to highlight all the different textures. 

If baby is still getting used to chewing, then you can put together a small plate from your Christmas dinner offerings and blend it together to create a puree to spoon-feed baby with. 

Why not check out some of our Christmas finger food ideas for some additional texture experiences?


Introducing Spices for Babies

The cold winter months are the perfect time to introduce new warming spices to really get young foodies’ taste buds tingling. 

Adding mild spices that complement the season can be an excellent way to start exploring different flavours and ensure you keep things interesting for your little one. 

Tasty herbs and spices that give the flavour of Christmas often include: 

  • Cinnamon 
  • Nutmeg
  • Ginger 
  • Cloves 
  • Rosemary 
  • Sage

Take a peek at our blog for more on adding herbs and spices to your little one's diet.

The Christmas season is steadily approaching, and there is a lot to get excited about as your little one is introduced to the delights of all the festivities! 

Are you planning on starting some new Christmas traditions with the youngest members of your family this year? Let us know what kinds of weaning wintery treats you’re planning by reaching out on our social media channels! 

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