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Baby-Cue: Weaning BBQ Ideas

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We all look forward to a barbecue on a warm, sunny day; it’s the perfect way to enjoy a meal together as a family, all while spending quality time outdoors! 

Barbecues can give babies the opportunity to try out some exciting new flavour and texture experiences. 

Here we share some of our favourite recipes that tiny tasters can enjoy alongside a family BBQ. 

Can Babies Eat Barbecue Food?

Babies of weaning age can try out small amounts of the barbecue food you are eating, such as a small chunk of BBQ chicken or sausage. However, it is important to make sure that the food is not too charred, and that it has been cooked sufficiently. 

If you are concerned about meat cooked on a BBQ, you may want to pre-cook or pop it in the oven afterwards to ensure the meat is cooked through. 

A great option for weaning babies is grilled or barbecued veggies. Pop some veg slices on the BBQ, and your little one can experience familiar veg with a new texture and added flavour from the grill. Remember to let the food cool before your flavour explorer eats it! 

Kale and Bean Burger Recipe 

Burgers are a BBQ staple, and this kale and bean burger recipe is an ideal choice for weaning little ones who want to get in on the barbecue fun with the rest of the family! 

If you are vegetarian, vegan or are waiting to introduce meat to your baby’s diet, this veggie burger is the perfect choice. 

These kale and bean burgers are so delicious, the whole family will want a patty. 

Kale and Bean Burgers

Smokey Fajitas Recipe

Our delicious fajita recipe can be adapted for a BBQ to include chicken and peppers, which will add extra smokiness to this flavorful dish. 

Simply add your barbecued meat and veggies to a gluten-free tortilla wrap with a dollop of mashed avocado and yoghurt for a tasty and texture-filled meal. 

Smokey Fajitas recipe

Rainbow Vegetable Quinoa Recipe

Every barbecue needs some exciting salads and side dishes, and we absolutely love this vibrant veggie quinoa. 

Packed full of colourful vegetables and protein-rich quinoa, it looks as delicious as it tastes! 

Your little one will love discovering the new textures of the fluffy quinoa grains and the softened rainbow vegetables.

Rainbow Veg Quinoa Recipe

Baby Pouch Ice Lollies Recipe

While we’d still happily enjoy barbecue food on a rainy day, for the most part, these feasts are taking place on sunny days. Enjoying a cooling ice lolly is the perfect way to end the evening on a hot day. 

Our weaning ice lollies make use of one of our Babease pouches so that they are free of sugar but still delicious for your little one to enjoy. 

Baby Pouch Ice Lollies Recipe

We hope your family has a lovely barbecue together with these recipe ideas! If you’d like more inspiration and weaning ideas for introducing your little one to new flavours and textures, check out our recipes to find foodie experiences the whole family can enjoy!