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Exciting Baby Curry Recipes

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Including some tasty curries in your baby’s weaning schedule is a great way to introduce them to a range of flavours and spices.

Which also helps ensure they stay intrigued and excited throughout the weaning journey!

Why not add one of these curries to your repertoire of easy baby dinners for when you need a hassle-free meal that can be enjoyed by the whole family? 

The Benefits of Curry For Weaning 

When you think of a curry, your mind might immediately go to something hot and spicy, but our favourite curries make use of milder spices that still pack in plenty of flavour.

Expand Your Baby’s Palate 

Because curries use a diverse range of spices like cumin, turmeric, curry powder and paprika, to name a few, they can make wonderful dishes that help broaden your budding foodie’s palate. 

Adding a sprinkle of spice to your baby’s purees can excite their taste buds and prompt a greater interest in the other foods you introduce later on.

A Versatile Dish 

There is also lots of room for experimentation and adaptation with a curry. You could get creative with the vegetables you add, creating a rainbow of colour or finding new ways to offer previously refused foods. 

Simple to Make at Home

Another big bonus of making a weaning curry is that it is usually super easy to prepare, perfect for those busy days. Often making a curry will involve chucking your ingredients into a pot or pan and leaving them to simmer away. 

Try our favourite baby curry recipes to get your little foodie enjoying lots of flavourful veggie goodness!

A smooth orange curry in a bowl

Baby Keralan Curry

Originally coming from Kerala in India, Keralan curry uses a blend of aromatic spices to excite budding foodies. 

Our version includes ginger, coriander, cumin and cinnamon to create a delicious flavour profile that’s not too overwhelming. The addition of coconut milk balances the spices nicely, treating your baby to complex flavours.

To make up the bulk of this curry, we love using pumpkin and chickpeas for lots of interesting textures and veggie goodness. For little ones not quite ready for bigger lumps, you can easily blend this into a smooth puree.

Baby Keralan Curry recipe

Baby Chickpea Curry

Chickpeas are incredibly nutritious, containing iron, zinc, folate and vitamin B6. They are also a brilliant source of protein, making them a great alternative for those that don’t eat meat. 

Our chickpea curry recipe is spiced with mild curry powder, paprika and cumin - a delicious combination! 

We’ve paired chickpeas with sweet potatoes and tomatoes to provide a veg-packed base that gives you lots of room to experiment with. You could swap the sweet potato with squash or pumpkin or add some kale as a new way to get your baby enjoying leafy greens. 

Baby chickpea curry

Baby Katsu Curry

This curry is inspired by the Japanese favourite and can be a great option for when you want to try something new with chicken. 

If your little one doesn’t eat meat, the chicken in this recipe can be swapped out for tofu or aubergine to give a similar texture with all that tasty katsu flavour. 

Our version of katsu curry is super simple to make and will have you wondering why you haven’t tried this perfect mid-week baby meal before!

Baby Katsu Curry Recipe

These recipes are bound to bring a bit of spice to your baby’s weaning meals. If our curries are already firm favourites in your household, check out the rest of our weaning recipes to discover something new.