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Baby-Led Weaning Ideas for Breakfast

3 min read

Starting the day off right with a tasty, healthy breakfast is important for all ages!

Offering a range of nutritious breakfasts that intrigue your budding foodie is a great way to get them excited about the weaning journey and set them up with positive eating habits from the start. 

Baby food hacks can be especially useful for breakfast ideas as we all know how hectic the beginning of the day can often be! Our baby-led weaning recipe ideas provide a place to start, giving you quick and easy options that are still full of veggie-goodness!

Homemade Healthy Pancakes 

Pancakes are a brilliant weaning option for any time of the day but are super quick and easy to make and can be frozen, making them an excellent go-to breakfast idea. 

Pancakes can also be easily grabbed by little hands, meaning they are a great choice for baby-led weaning.
Our recipe for pumpkin pancakes makes a batch of delicious autumn-inspired treats. If they become a firm favourite, you can also experiment with different toppings, adding unsweetened yoghurts and chopped fruit to introduce new flavours and textures.

A stack of pancakes

Boiled Eggs and Greens

It’s no secret that here at Babease, we love veggies - even for breakfast! Combined with eggs, a range of green veggies makes a brilliant start to the day.

There’s nothing easier than boiling a couple of eggs and pairing them with some veggies of your choice! Cutting your chosen veggies into batons or sticks for little hands to hold will also encourage your budding foodie to explore the new textures themselves. 

A plate with asparagus and boiled egg

Savoury Waffles

As another great finger food option, our savoury waffles make use of our veggie-packed pouches to make preparing them even easier.

These waffles can easily be customised as you experiment with Babease pouches of your choice as you try different combinations to make your way through all the flavours!

A tray of Babease waffles with fruit and veg

Savoury Mini Muffins 

If you don’t have a waffle iron but still want to make use of your Babease pouches in new, exciting ways, these mini muffins are the breakfast for you!

These savoury bites also contain sweetcorn and cheddar, adding further layers of flavour and texture for your budding foodie to enjoy.

Our recipe will make a big batch, but any extras can easily be stored in the freezer for up to three months.

A tray holding mini muffins

Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to count some of these weaning ideas among your go-to options when preparing breakfast for your little one!

Check out the rest of our blog for more advice on the weaning journey and other great recipes to try with your baby.