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Baby-Led Weaning Picnic Ideas

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Picnics are a wonderful way to get the whole family enjoying a bit of fresh air and spending some time in the great outdoors.

And the best part of them? The food, of course! 

A picnic, whether you go to the beach, park or set up camp in your own back garden, provides a great opportunity to offer your little one new finger foods with a wide range of flavours and textures.

We’ve collected some of our favourite baby meal ideas, perfect for enticing little foodies on a picnic adventure. 

Babease pouches and sliced oranges on a picnic blanket

Baby Chickpea Nachos Recipe 

Nacho crisps are perfect for adding a bit of crunch to your picnic, and these little bites are super easy to make. 

Made from chickpea flour, these nacho crisps can be eaten alone or combined with a guacamole dip or the Babease Mexican Beans pouch for extra tasty flavours. 

They are also brilliant for baby-led weaning from around 7 months as they are the perfect size and shape for little hands to grasp.

Baby chickpea nachos Babease recipe

Baby Seeded Savoury Cheesy Biscuits Recipe 

Another tasty treat that you can pre-make in bulk and then pack into your picnic basket, these little biscuits are sure to be a hit with everyone. 

Biscuits don’t have to be full of sugar; in fact, these cheesy bites are packed with savoury flavours, including veg like sweet potato, kale (or any other veggies you have in the fridge) and crunchy seeds. With all the textures, these biscuits are best enjoyed by foodies at stage 3 of the weaning journey, at around 9 months.

Taking just 15 minutes to bake, you could easily whip these up the day before or morning of your day out.

Seeded savoury cheesy biscuits Babease recipe

Baby Savoury Mini Muffins Recipe

Muffins are a baby-led weaning staple, and these light veggie-packed cakes are sure to add something special to your picnic. 

To make preparation that bit easier, this recipe also makes use of one of our Babease pouches. You can use whichever flavour you prefer - we think the Pumpkin and Peas pouch works particularly well!

Savoury mini muffins Babease recipe

Baby Pea Pasta Recipe 

Another picnic and weaning classic, this pasta recipe is super simple and lends itself well to customisation, so feel free to add in some favourite veggies to perfect the dish. 

Made with just pasta, frozen peas, cream cheese, milk and a sprinkle of cheese, you couldn’t get any easier - or tastier! 

This simple little lunch is sure to be a hit with the whole family.

Pea pasta Babease recipe

Baby Flapjack Recipe 

For a real treat, these allergy-friendly flapjacks are a wonderful picnic food for kids of all ages. 

Made with a combination of one of our Babease pouches, oats, bananas, seeds, coconut oil and raisins, these nutritious flapjacks are dairy-free and vegan-friendly. For weaning babies, avoid adding in any maple syrup or honey - the bananas and raisins will add plenty of sweetness.

Baby flapjacks Babease recipe

Baby Mock’eroons Recipes

For a different sweet option, these mock’eroons make an excellent choice. Simply made by combining dried apricots with your favourite kind of nut butter, whether this is almond, pistachio or hazelnut, these little jewels are full of fibre, potassium and vitamins - a great addition to your picnic spread. 

Baby Mockeroons Babease recipe

We hope you love these ideas as much as we do and incorporate some of them into your next picnic. There are plenty more options available in our recipes section if you want to offer your little one an even wider range of flavours, textures and foodie experiences!


Image credit: @swedesintheuk