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Our Favourite Baby Weaning Recipes from 7 Months

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Here at Babease, we’re passionate about babies experiencing great food during weaning.

Discover some of our favourite recipes for your little one as they progress into the second stage of weaning.

Weaning at 7 Months

At seven months, babies will generally have already enjoyed their first tastes of food and will be looking to expand their experience with new flavours and textures.

Around seven months is sometimes referred to as stage two of weaning, with stage one occurring during the first month of weaning.

However, every baby is different. These recipes have been chosen for parents looking to expand their baby’s weaning foods after the first month, but many of these healthy meals for babies would also be appropriate for the start of weaning or later in the journey.

The main thing is to make sure your little one gets as much variety as possible and experiences different textures, including finger foods, as they grow.

Roasted Vegetable Sticks

Vegetable sticks are a great choice at any stage of weaning. These colourful slices of goodness are great finger foods, allowing your little one to get hands-on with their veggies and experience food in a new way!

Root vegetables are packed with goodness, so they’re always a good choice for your baby. As they progress through weaning, simply cook them a little less so there’s more texture and firmness for your growing foodie.

Roasted vegetable sticks weaning recipe

Keralan Curry

This is a lovely vegetarian curry recipe that the family will love! To serve your little one, simply blend the vegetables up to the desired consistency. If they’re just starting, they might prefer something smooth, or they may enjoy some lumps to develop their eating.

Don’t be afraid to give your baby mild spices - weaning is a great time to introduce your little one to a world of flavour, and that includes things like cumin, cinnamon and more!

Keralan curry weaning recipe

Turkey Bolognese

When possible, it helps to get your little one eating with you as much as possible. You’re their role model, so they’ll be excited to share food with you!

This turkey bolognese is a great family recipe that can be blitzed for your little one to enjoy. Simply serve with some baby pasta for a great and easy weaning meal.

Turkey bolognese weaning recipe

Oat & Apricot Bars

These quick and easy bars are packed with all manner of nutritious foods, making them an excellent snack for the whole family, including your baby. What’s more, these bars can be frozen, allowing you to make a batch and save some for another day!

When making these bars, remember to cut them up into small enough bars for little fingers. You can use your little finger as a measure.

Oat and apricot bars weaning recipe

Pumpkin & Carrot Muffins

If you want to share a treat with your budding foodie, these healthy muffins are a fantastic option. They’re full of goodness, free of sugar and light to hold, perfect for little hands!

Pumpkin and carrot muffins weaning recipe

These are just some of our favourite recipes for babies when they reach seven months. We have many more baby weaning ideas in our recipes section for you to discover!

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