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Top Tips for a Day at the Beach with Your Baby

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There’s nothing quite like a trip to the seaside during summertime!

The perfect day out for all the family, enjoying the sights and sounds of the beach offers some great new experiences for your little one. 

But how can you ensure your day at the beach goes off without a hitch? 

Parents of weaning babies may be nervous to step away from their normal routine, with questions about what kind of foods are best to bring along.

However, journeying to the beach and travelling with a baby doesn't have to be difficult! If you’re planning a longer trip than a day at the beach, check out our top tips for weaning a baby while on holiday:

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How Can You Feed Your Baby at the Beach? 

With a bit of planning, there’s no reason why your little one can’t enjoy a normal day of eating, even when at the beach. 

We provide some of our top tips, ideas and things to include on your beach checklist!

Bring a Picnic Blanket

When setting up for a day at the beach, you’ll want to establish a home base of sorts. A large, comfortable picnic blanket where your little one can play and eat safely is a must. You could also use old towels if you don’t have a dedicated beach blanket.

A picnic blanket prevents too much sand from bothering your baby, so they can truly enjoy the day and all the tasty treats you’ve packed. 

A multicoloured beach blanket with two watermelon halves on it

Invest in a Cool Box or Bag

Whatever weaning foods you decide to bring on your beachy adventure, keeping them cool and fresh in a cool box is a great idea. This way, you can pack a range of things that both you and your little foodie can enjoy. 

Whether you bring baby food pouches, finger foods, homemade weaning meals or a bite to eat for yourself, keeping food safely tucked away in a sealed bag or box will also help ensure no sand gets into anything that’s going to be eaten. 

Pack Some Firm Favourites 

Your baby’s first trip to the beach is going to be full of new experiences with a range of different sounds, smells and sights to get accustomed to. To make sure they’re not feeling too overwhelmed when it comes to mealtime, pack a meal or pouch you know they’re going to eat and enjoy.

A mother and baby at the beach

Try Some Summery Flavours

If your little foodie does well with new experiences, make the most of the seaside fun and bring along some summer-themed foods to offer some tasty new seasonal flavours and textures. 

Check out our blog on some of our favourite summer recipes (note that some are frozen, so probably best left until you return home)!

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Consider Finger Foods

If your little one is at a stage where they enjoy finger foods, bring some along to get them involved in that picnic feeling. Encouraging them to pick up food and feed themselves gives your baby more control and a sense of independence.

Slices of fruit and cooked, softer vegetables make great, refreshing finger foods for a day out in the fresh air. 

You can also pre-freeze slices of fruit to keep in your cool box, so when your little one is ready for some food, they can enjoy a cooling treat - something that is especially good for soothing gums when teething. 

Enjoy Food Together

Our usual weaning tips still apply when you step outside of your normal routine, and eating together or sharing food from your own plate or lunchbox is a wonderful way to get little ones involved in the social aspects of eating. 

If you fancy sharing some homemade treats to make your beach trip extra special, check out our recipes for a range of meals and finger foods that’ll pack nicely into a portable cool box, with options for the whole family. 

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Other Things to Consider For a Day at the Beach 

Once you’re confident that your regular weaning schedule isn’t going to be disrupted by a seaside adventure, there are other things you’ll need to consider to ensure the day out is enjoyable and safe.

Sun Protection

A trip to the beach will likely be accompanied by a bit of sunshine (if you’re lucky!), but even if the sun doesn’t make much of an appearance, you’ll still need to ensure your baby’s skin is protected.

Apply suncream to the parts of your little one’s skin that aren’t covered by clothes. A wide brim hat is also a seaside essential!

Alternatively, if it’s a chillier day, ensure your baby has enough clothes to wrap up warm in.

Pop-Up Tents 

Small, pop-up beach tents can also be useful as they provide a comfortable place for your baby to stay out of reach of the sun, wind and sand when they need to eat or nap. 

A windbreak can also offer privacy and keep crawling little ones from wandering too far. 

Bring Extra Towels 

Remember to pack lots of towels and wipes to clean up any food or sand related messes. It can be a good idea to keep a couple of spare towels in the car or tucked away in a separate bag to ensure any rogue sand is kept away, and little ones can be dried, cleaned and warmed up at the end of the day. 

A mother and baby playing at the beach at sunset

Have Fun and Keep it Stress-Free!

Ultimately, a day at the beach should be enjoyable for everyone, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to create the perfect day out. As long as you plan ahead and keep it simple, things will naturally fall into place.

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