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Cooling Weaning Recipes for Summer

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Summer is in full swing and what better to accompany a bit of sunshine than a nice refreshing treat? 

As we move through the different seasons, there are some great chances to include seasonal ingredients and new flavours in your homemade weaning meals. 

The weaning journey is all about variety, and these tasty summer-inspired recipes are sure to help mix up your little one’s usual baby meals. 

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Weaning Recipe Ideas for Summer 

From refreshing veggie-packed salad dishes to baby ice lollies, there are plenty of great summery weaning ideas for you and your little one to explore. 

Here, we list some of our favourites to help inspire you!

Baby Pouch Ice Lollies Recipe 

Ice cream and ice lollies are, of course, a summer classic and are popular with all the family. This Babease twist on the simple ice lolly is perfect for little ones, allowing them to join in on the summer fun. 

Not only will these tasty lollies help cool your baby down in warmer weather, but they are also great for soothing little ones’ gums when they’re teething. 

And best of all? They’re super easy to make! All you’ll need is a Babease pouch of your choice (we love the stage 1 strawberry, apple and coconut water pouch for this recipe), water and an ice lolly mould. 

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Baby Rainbow Vegetable Quinoa Recipe

This recipe makes a great addition to picnics or trips to the beach as it can be made in advance and stored in boxes ready for when you need it. 

Quinoa is a wonderful, healthy ingredient that complements a range of veggies. Adding mint leaves and a squeeze of lemon is a great way to boost that fresh, summer feel.

Again, this recipe is quick and easy to make - it’s a simple case of cooking the quinoa and adding the vegetables of your choice.

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Baby Frozen Yoghurt Bark Recipe 

Yoghurt is a fantastic weaning food, and this frozen bark recipe makes a delicious treat to help cool everyone down in the sun. 

Perfect for enjoying as a quick breakfast or snack, this baby frozen yoghurt is super convenient - once prepared, just store in the freezer until your little one is ready to get stuck in. This cold, crunchy bark can be stored in the freezer for up to two months.

Along with yoghurt, the recipe includes one of our Babease pouches (we think the stage 1 pear, mixed berries and coconut water pouch works great for this recipe) and a selection of tasty berries like strawberries and blueberries.

For younger foodies, avoid smaller fruits and refrain from adding the sweet syrup.

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Baby Kale Salad Recipe

Green veggie salads are a simple summer staple that the whole family can enjoy - especially budding foodies!

Kale is full of great nutrients and is a lovely ingredient to include in recipes throughout the weaning journey. 

This kale salad provides some great textures, with the leafy greens, crunchy seeds and buttery avocado all coming together to create the perfect meal for stage 2 weaning that starts at around 7 months. 

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These weaning recipes are sure to bring some smiles to little foodies this summer! For even more great weaning ideas, check out our recipes and find a new favourite. 


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