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Our Favourite Weaning Recipes For Around Six Months

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When life gets a little hectic, quick baby meals can be a lifesaver!

For little ones that are just starting out on the weaning journey, keeping things exciting with new flavours and recipes is a great way to keep them interested as they explore food.

Our favourite quick, easy, and most importantly, tasty weaning recipes are packed with veggie goodness, designed to intrigue budding foodies and make your life in the kitchen that little bit easier. 

These recipes are great for little ones at around six months who are experiencing their first tastes. However, they can also make excellent meal options throughout the weaning journey as your baby develops through the stages - you’re sure to find some firm favourites here! 

Brussels Sprout and Pea Puree

Starting weaning with bitter veggies like sprouts can help with your little one’s taste development. Introducing less traditionally accepted vegetables like sprouts in the early stages can help your baby get accustomed to bitter tastes and can make them more likely to accept and enjoy these kinds of veggies later on. 

Our brussels sprout and pea puree is rich in vitamins and takes just 15 minutes to prepare, making it an ultimate go-to baby meal! 

Brussles sprout and pea puree

Sweet Potato and Squash Mash

When your little one has got to grips with the more bitter flavours, this recipe can make a great introduction to sweeter veggies! 

Sweet potato and squash make for a lovely combination; this nutritious winter vegetable-based mash can be enjoyed by all ages and can also be a brilliant option when starting to introduce new textures. 

You could begin with a completely blended puree and then start to include more lumps as your budding foodie develops.

sweet potato and squash mash recipe

Garden Vegetable Fritters 

For those embracing the baby-led weaning approach, these veggies fritters are an excellent finger food option.

Making these tasty bites could not be simpler as they are made by combining the ingredients with a Babease pouch of your choice. Choose from our range to experiment with different flavours for your little one to enjoy! One of our favourite combinations for this recipe is our pumpkin and pea pouch.

With a variety of flavours to try, these fritters are sure to become a go-to meal or snack. Handily, they can also be stored in the fridge for up to three months.

garden vegetable fritters recipe

Pumpkin Pancakes

Another tasty finger food option, these pumpkin pancakes are the perfect treat for Autumn, but can also be enjoyed all year round! 

Similar to our veggie fritters, these pancakes are quick and easy to make, taking just 10 minutes. Your little one is sure to enjoy this recipe that is another great way to keep introducing more veggies in exciting ways. 

pumpkin pancakes recipes


Our recipes section is full of simple but delicious weaning ideas perfect for creating veggie-packed meals and snacks for all ages along the weaning journey! 

You can also explore the rest of our blog for more expert weaning advice