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Hallo-weaning: A Guide to Halloween for Babies

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It’s the most spooktacular time of year! Whether you want to do something special for baby’s first Halloween or need some baby-friendly activities to fit in with the kid's Halloween plans, we’ve got you covered with our Hallo-weaning guide! 

Oat cookies decorated with spooky faces

Halloween Food Ideas for Babies

Spooky Oat Biscuits

Use our butternut squash and oat cookies recipe to create a baby-friendly biscuit bake that’s packed with delicious autumnal flavours. 

The juice from a beetroot can be used as a natural colouring to paint spooky designs onto the biscuits for an added Halloween touch! Older children can decorate theirs with additional ingredients such as yoghurt drops for eyes, but remember that sugar should be avoided for those under 12 months. 


A bowl of pumpkin puree on a table

Pumpkin Puree

The classic taste of autumn, it wouldn’t truly be Halloween without some pumpkin! To make fresh pumpkin puree, roast chunks of pumpkin for 50 minutes at 190°C until tender. Once it has cooled, remove the skin and pop the pumpkin flesh into a food processor and blend! 

Sweet Potato Wedges

The bright orange colour of sweet potato makes it the perfect finger food choice for Halloween! Cut sweet potato into small wedges and roast in the oven with some olive oil for 30-40 minutes at 200°C.

Pumpkin seeds and flesh

Halloween Party Ideas for Babies

Pumpkin Sensory Bags

If you have carved out a pumpkin, you’ll be left with the stringy, gooey innards and seeds from inside. Instead of recycling or composting this straight away, pop the pumpkin pulp into a ziploc plastic bag and seal up the bag with additional tape. 

Baby will love the feel of squidging the seeds around the bag as part of a sensory experience. For older babies, you can make the sensory bag more engaging by getting little ones to count the seeds in the bag, or try to move the pumpkin into a specific area drawn on the bag. 


A parent and baby in a pumpkin patch

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Take the party outdoors with a trip to your local pumpkin patch! A great outing for the whole family, baby will love the vibrant colours of the pumpkins. Pick out your own pumpkins - it’s up to you if you eat it or decorate it for Halloween!

Halloween Dance Party

Little ones love moving their bodies to music, so turn up the Halloween tunes and have a BOOgie! 

If you’re worried about the original versions of these songs being a bit too spooky for little ears, there are plenty of child-friendly renditions to play! 

A pumpkin with black stickers on to make a face

Halloween Craft Ideas for Babies

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to get creative and have some fun! Take a look at some of our craft ideas for babies: 

Pumpkin Decorating

While carving a pumpkin is out of the realms of possibility for your little one, there are plenty of fun crafts for them to get involved with. Instead of carving a pumpkin, you could paint it or use self-adhesive shapes to decorate it. 

a girl with black paint on her hands

Hand Painted Bats and Spiders

Dip palms into black or purple (washable and safe for skin) paint and press hands next to each other on white paper to create a spooky spider or bat shape. After washing off little hands and allowing the paint to dry, the creepy critters can be further decorated - why not draw on eyes and fangs! 

If you’d rather not use paint, you can trace around baby’s hands, and an adult can cut out the shape to be used as bat wings instead. 

Cotton Wool Crafts

Cotton wool can be a great material for sensory play and crafts. Encourage baby to pull apart a wad of cotton wool to create spiderwebs, or glue cotton balls onto card to create a Halloween ghost design! 

For more sensory craft ideas, you could explore different textures of faux fur and fabric and make up stories about the types of monsters that would have that type of texture. 

A child wearing a chicken costume in a pumpkin patch

Halloween Costume Ideas for Babies

Halloween is the perfect excuse to dress baby up; whether you want to go cute, funny or spooky with your costume, the possibilities are endless. 

Just a few easy ideas include:

Animal Costume

Animal-themed costumes are a great choice for babies - they are snuggly, cute and can be reused for future costume parties or wearing for play. 

There’s plenty of options when it comes to animal-themed costumes, so you’ll be able to find a creature your little one loves. 

If you don’t want to purchase an actual costume, an animal onesie is cheap, easy, will keep them warm enough for late October weather and can be reused after Halloween. 

baby in a monster onesie

Spooky Onesie

You can find a diverse selection of costumes for your little one in most supermarkets in the run up to Halloween. We love a lightly spooky onesie for a hint of Halloween fun, like the monster outfit shown above. Baby will be comfortable in an outfit like this, and it’s low effort for parents who want to keep things as simple as possible. 

Halloween Classics

Keep things classic with a pumpkin, witch or skeleton costume! This could be done in a very simple way, such as dressing them in orange with a green hat, or you could go all out with a puffy pumpkin costume, for example. Make sure any accessories, such as hats, are safe for baby, without strings that could slip down and become a hazard. 

Character Costumes

Have a favourite film or TV show you want to represent for Halloween? Character costumes can be very funny and cute on your little one. Things like Disney costumes are easy to find, but it won’t be hard to put together a costume that resembles your favourite character. 

Why not do a family costume and dress up with baby? For example, Alice, Mad Hatter and White Rabbit; Shrek, Fiona and Donkey; or Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinkerbell. 

Halloween Costume Safety

Beware! While Halloween costumes are absolutely adorable, there are a few safety features to consider. 

  • Make sure there aren’t any loose strings that baby could become tangled in. 
  • Is it weather appropriate? Baby shouldn’t be too hot or cold in the costume.
  • Avoid trip hazards like capes, long skirts and tails that could cause issues for new walkers or get tangled up under crawling legs. 
  • Going out trick or treating? Add reflective strips to baby’s costume or pushchair to ensure they are visible after dark. 
  • Avoid masks on babies, as they may not provide sufficient ventilation or visibility and can cause distress. 
  • Make sure face paint is non-toxic and safe for little ones. 
  • If your child has a prop, make sure it is soft and has no pointy edges. 

We hope you have a ghoulishly good day! Let us know if you have any exciting ideas for baby-friendly Halloween activities by reaching out to us on our social media channels.