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How Can I Make My Baby's Food More Fun?

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When weaning your little one, you’ll want to keep things fun for baby, so they remain engaged and enthusiastic about discovering new foods. It can be difficult to think about making food fun when you’re worried about introducing new ingredients and allergens. 

We share a few ways that you can make mealtimes more fun for little ones. 

Make the Plate More Vibrant 

Colour always makes things look more exciting, and can make the food seem more enticing to try. Rather than providing baby with a plate full of the same coloured foods, ensure that each meal contains a rainbow of ingredients. Think green broccoli, yellow pepper, red tomatoes, orange carrot, beige pasta or bread etc. 

Introduce Different Textures 

Introducing your baby to different textures is one of the best ways to keep mealtimes fun and exciting. You can experiment a lot with different textures when it comes to food; for example, you can prepare sweet potato for weaning in a number of ways, from mashing, pureeing, roasting in wedges or steaming sticks. 

Create Pictures on the Plate

Use slices of food to create characters, landscapes or designs on your little one’s plate. They don’t have to be a masterpiece; even something as simple as adding edible eyes can make the meal look much more fun!  

Cookie cutters can be used to cut out shapes in bread, veggies, sliced meats or cheese to make scenes with flower or animal shapes. 

For older children, our veggie bugs are perfect for making eating vegetables more enticing! 

Get Your Little Ones Involved in Cooking 

Of course, we’re not expecting your infant to be cooking dinner, but they can help out in other ways. Rinsing fruit and veg or stirring a mixture with a wooden spoon can help make food more fun for your little one, as well as aiding the development of motor skills. 

bamboo snail plate with vegetable fritters on

Find an Exciting Plate

There is an immense range of baby products available now, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a way of serving up your adventurous eater’s meals on a fun dish. Whether it’s a bamboo plate shaped like a cute animal or a section plate featuring a beloved children’s cartoon character, what you serve food on can make all the difference! 

Make Up a Story Around the Food

Kids love storytime, so if you’re having a hard time introducing new foods to your little one or encouraging toddlers to eat veggies, it’s time to do some mealtime storytelling. Give different food items names and start creating a narrative that will entertain and get tummies rumbling. 

For more inspiration to make mealtimes more fun, take a peek at our recipes for babies and families