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How to Introduce Lumps When Weaning

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Weaning is not just about a variety of tastes but textures, too!
If you’re unsure about when or where to start with lumpy food, Babease is here to offer advice.

As you progress through the weaning stages, your little one will experience a more diverse range of tastes. However, almost as important as what they’re eating is the textures they experience at this early stage.

What Does Lumpy Food Mean?

The term ‘lumpy food’ should be self-explanatory, but what it means for your little one can vary as they progress through weaning.

In the beginning, lumpy food simply means adding a little bit more texture to their otherwise-smooth purees. This might include less smooth porridge or simply mushing their vegetables instead of pureeing.

As your baby develops their appetite for lumps, you can begin to include soft chunks for them to chew. Eventually, lumpy food will include tougher things like vegetable sticks or cubes of meat.

This progression happens over many months and, in many cases, mirrors the progression seen during the weaning stages.

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The Importance of Lumpy Baby Food

During weaning, your baby is not only getting the nutrients they need, but they’re also learning how to use their mouth and feed themselves, which are hugely important skills.

As your little foodie progresses from purees to textures and lumps, they will learn more about controlling their mouth. Not only is this movement important for eating but a range of other things, including baby’s first words!

When to Start Adding Texture to Weaning Food

As with weaning itself, there’s no set rule when it comes to introducing lumpier foods. However, it’s widely suggested that you try to include new textures as soon as possible.

During the first few months of weaning, your little one will be more engaged with trying new things, which presents the best opportunity to try different textures.

If your little one begins weaning at around 6 months, then you should look to start introducing more lumps after seven months. Over time, as your baby begins to get used to it, you can slowly increase the amount of texture.

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How to Get Your Baby to Eat Textured Food

As with everything to do with weaning, how your baby takes to textured foods can significantly vary. Some little ones will love the lumps from day one, while others may dislike them at first.

Slow Introductions

When it comes to introducing your little one to textured foods for the first time, it’s often a good idea to provide them as part of a meal they already enjoy.

If there’s a particular vegetable puree they enjoy, such as carrot or pea, make your next serving slightly more textured. This gradual introduction will ensure your little one won’t be put off by the taste before they’ve had a chance to try some lumps.

Steady Progress

This piece of advice is one of the most important when it comes to the weaning journey, including textures. There will be times when your little one loves trying new textures, and there will be others where they simply want purees.

The key here is to gently try and move through textures at a pace that works with your little one. However, ensure that you do continue to progress through textures.

A combination of patience and perseverance will help you and your little one get there!

Include Finger Food

If your baby is being particularly picky with their lumps, then a trick you could try is using finger food.

Finger foods are an excellent way for your little one to learn more about co-ordinating their hand, eyes and mouth. As in baby-led weaning, finger foods also give your little one a sense of control and individuality regarding what they’re eating.

The sense of ownership that babies can feel when it comes to baby food can encourage them to try more textures for themselves. Finger foods can be perfect for progressing through textures, from soft veggies like broccoli to crunchier foods like carrots and breadsticks.

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Lumpy Baby Food Recipes

Lumpy foods are really simple to introduce into your baby’s food. In the beginning, you can simply mash vegetables instead of pureeing to provide some texture.

If you want to be a bit more adventurous with your little one’s recipes, why not check out some of these ideas below?

Turkey Bolognese

Mashing or lightly blitzing mince is a great way to introduce new textures to your little one. This recipe is not only full of protein but also includes plenty of veg!

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Super-Grain Porridge

Our super-grain porridge recipe uses quinoa pearly and grounded seeds, meaning it’s full of goodness!

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Roasted Vegetable Sticks

This recipe is a classic, perfect for many stages of weaning – simply cook the sticks less to keep their crunch as your little one progresses through textures.

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Weaning is a hugely exciting time, and introducing textured foods is a big part of it, as your little one progresses away from baby food and towards more everyday meals. Before you know it, your little one will be chewing on food with the whole family!

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