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Must-Have Products for Baby Weaning

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Weaning is an exciting time in your baby's nutritional and developmental journey. The introduction of new tastes, textures and smells is a formative experience for your little one and at Babease we want to make it as enjoyable as possible.
Whilst you may already have many of the items recommended for weaning, we have compiled a list of must-have products for baby weaning to make the process as smooth as possible for you and your pint-sized pumpkin.

Some weaning advice and tips for introducing solid foods:

  • Stick to a routine so your baby’s digestive system gets used to the introduction of solid food.
  • Don’t worry if they aren’t initially interested in certain foods. It can take ten times or more for babies to try a new food, so perseverance and patience are key!
  • As you introduce solid foods, you may notice a change in your baby's bowel habits. As your little one eats a more diverse diet, their excrement will look and smell more like an adult’s. If, however, you are concerned about anything relating to your baby's health, contact your GP.

You may have read our weaning checklist which has some handy suggestions for items to have in the house to help the weaning transition. Read on to find out more about our top ten must-have products for weaning.

At the Table

High Chair

The first thing your little one will need is an easy to clean high chair. Buckling them in will reduce as much wriggling around as possible and keep your baby in an upright position allowing them to digest their food more easily. 

At times you may wonder why you’ve given your little one an elevated position if they’re chucking food around the dining area, however, it’s good for socialisation and posture and aids digestion.

Wet Wipes

Keeping to the vegetable theme, plant-based, biodegradable wet wipes are always great to have on hand, just in case an unintentional food fight appears to break out between your little one and the kitchen floor.

A baby sat in a high chair wearing a bib


Decking your baby out with a stylish bib is not only a practical choice, it can also be fun to choose a stylish accessory for dinner time. There are many BPA and phthalate-free plastic bibs available that are easy to wash after use. 

You can even get feeding bibs with sleeves (think hairdressing gown) for extra coverage from any food splatter!

Splash Mat

A splash or floor mat is a bit like a tablecloth that you place under your baby’s high chair. If food does go flying, it lands on an easily cleanable surface. 

Ensure you smooth out the mat so the high chair is stable on a flat surface. Aside from being easy to clean, you could use the mat to double up as a picnic blanket for those alfresco dining experiences.

A suction plate for babies on a high chair

Tableware and Cutlery

Bowls and Plates

When looking for plates and bowls for your little one we highly recommend choosing one with suction included. Try as they might, your little one won’t be able to catapult the bowl (and its nutritious contents!) onto the floor if it's stuck to the high chair’s flat surface.

There are many versions available, including plates and bowls made from environmentally friendly bamboo. 

Trainer Cups

Trainer cups often have two handles on either side to allow your little one to easily grip and sip! During weaning, the NHS recommends that an ‘open’ or ‘free-flow’ cup encourages mobility, hand-eye coordination and can be better for teeth development than beakers or straws.

A baby sat in a high chair being fed with a spoon


Cutlery for tiny hands often has a wider base to allow for an easier grip. Spoons with a soft rubber or silicone tip are gentler on your baby's gums and teeth. 

Cutlery for little ones is available in a variety of materials including bamboo and colours so you can choose which one suits you and your dinner guest best! 

There are even options to attach cutlery to longer bibs ensuring that cutlery stays where it’s meant to be!

Food Preparation and Storage

Blender or Food Processor

When introducing a variety of vegetables into your baby’s diet, pureed or mashed forms are a great way to do it. It’s advisable to be careful when serving small fruit or veg to your little one due to choking hazards and so the method of blending is a safer way to prepare food.

Ice Cube Trays

If you’re batch cooking (or blending) pureed baby food or there is a little left in your Babease pouch at the end of dinner time, then freezing the leftovers is an effective way to reduce food waste whilst making food preparation more convenient for busy parents.

If you’re wondering what sort of foods we’d recommend for weaning babies, check out our article on super greens (and oranges!).

Insulated Bag

Before your little one is bounding off to nursery school with a lunch box, an insulated bag (available in many cute styles) is a great way to keep food fresh and warm if you are serving hot food to your little one. Perfect as the weather turns colder too!

Colourful bowls and spoons for babies

This list isn’t exhaustive and much like your baby’s weaning journey, the products you prefer will be unique to your little one’s journey. 

Whether you try baby-led weaning or a combination of approaches, one of the most important aspects to remember is to enjoy introducing your little one to the wonderful array of textures, shapes, smells and colours of food! 

Whether your baby resembles the very hungry caterpillar, or more of a hesitant hummingbird at dinner time, take it at your own pace and enjoy the journey!