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Our Top Tips for Weaning Your Baby

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We know that the weaning journey is an exciting time for budding foodies and parents, but that doesn’t mean it’s always smooth sailing!

That’s why we’ve created a handy list of our top tips when it comes to your baby’s adventure with solids.

Sometimes you will have to contend with grumpy food faces, while other times will feel like a breeze - that’s totally normal. Creating a weaning schedule that works for you and your baby is one of the best ways to ensure you feel confident to tackle everything the weaning journey throws at you. 

We find that embracing these things is a great place to start:

  • Develop a routine and set good habits.
  • Introduce more bitter veggies rather than focusing on sweet flavours.
  • Offer lots of variety with different flavours and textures.
  • Make mealtimes fun and encourage play.
  • Keep trying and be patient.

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Develop a Weaning Routine 

Creating a routine will help ensure your little one knows what to expect from everyday meals.

Engaging with solid food for the first time can be overwhelming for your budding foodie, even if they are enjoying the new flavours. Sticking to a routine means you can create some sense of familiarity around brand new experiences. 

Try to keep good eating habits and routines yourself, as your baby will look to you when they’re unsure about how to behave around food. You can also encourage them to eat off your own plate during shared mealtimes to get them exploring and learning how to hold food and put it in their mouth. 

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Introduce More Bitter Veggies 

It might seem counterintuitive to introduce more bitter veggies at the beginning when sweet vegetables and fruits may be more easily accepted. However, encouraging a love of the more bitter veggies like broccoli or kale can help with your baby’s taste development. 

Your little one is more likely to enjoy a wide variety of veggies later in life if you offer plenty of bitter tastes while they are more receptive to new flavours during weaning. 

To find out more about introducing all kinds of veg on the weaning journey, check out our nutritionist’s blog below.

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Offer Lots of Variety

Keeping your little one excited and intrigued as they explore food comes down to making sure you include a range of ingredients in your weaning meals. 

Even if your little one has a firm favourite, try different combinations and cooking methods to ensure they enjoy and get accustomed to a variety of foods.

Experimenting with different recipes and finger foods is a good way to make sure you’re always offering lots of variety. You can also include an array of herbs and mild spices to captivate your foodie’s taste buds. 

Make Mealtimes Fun 

Engaging all of your baby’s senses is also an important aspect of weaning.  Make mealtimes fun and interactive by encouraging them to play with their food, exploring textures by mashing and squashing. 

You can also offer a rainbow of colours to entice your little one with a visually appealing plate. 

There’ll likely be a bit of mess as they play, but embrace this - it’s all part of the fun! Being prepared with bibs and mats makes cleaning up that bit easier.

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Keep Trying 

Don’t worry too much if your baby refuses certain foods - a displeased face may not be down to your little one not liking something but can instead simply show their surprise at the new flavours. 

Every day will be different - some days, they’ll happily eat what’s on offer, while other days may feel like an uphill struggle. It can take between 6 to 15 tries for weaning babies to readily accept new foods, so take the pressure off and keep trying!

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that every weaning journey is totally unique - little ones develop at their own pace so let them guide the process. No one is a weaning expert from the get-go, so don’t worry if you feel unsure; focus on having fun and offering lots of tasty foods and interesting textures!

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