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Why Choose Organic Food?

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When it comes to food and nutrition, there is lots of talk around the benefits of organic baby food. Here at Babease, we are passionate about organic food. 


Why? We hear you ask! 


Organic really is wonderful, and we’re here to tell you exactly why we think so. 

What Does Organic Mean? 

The term organic is fairly common, but what do we actually mean when we say a food product is organic?


Essentially, organic foods are products that have been grown without the help of synthetic fertilisers, pesticides or growth regulators.


Although fertilisers and pesticides may sound scary, the truth is, legally consumable products will never contain unsafe levels of these kinds of additives. 


Non-organic food off the shelf is completely safe to feed your child, but organic food has a whole bunch of benefits for little people and grown-ups! 


The Benefits of Organic Food 

Here, we are looking at what makes organic baby food so great!


Nutritionally Superior 

Maybe your main concern is whether organic food is healthier and nutritionally superior to conventionally grown (non-organic) alternatives? After all, what’s all the fuss about?!


As shown by some studies, organic foods can contain up to 60% more antioxidants than conventionally-farmed crops. Antioxidants are great as they can help boost general health and reduce possible health risks later in life.


Baskets full of fresh vegetables


Know What’s in the Food 

When there is an organic label on something, you can shop happy knowing that it is free from the previously mentioned artificial substances.  


Organic baby food producers must adhere to strict regulations that ensure the ingredients going into your baby’s certified organic food are free from non-permitted substances.


It Tastes Good 

When your little one is ready for their first taste of food, it can be exciting; there is a whole world of delicious flavours just waiting to be explored! 


Using organic ingredients in your homemade weaning recipes will create some awesome tasting meals!


Tracing Where the Food is From 

Whether your carrots are from the farm down the road or your bananas are Fairtrade, knowing exactly where your food has come from can help you ensure its quality. Here at Babease, we work directly with our suppliers to ensure our organic ingredients are the best possible quality!


Babease Top Tip: 

If you are buying produce to make homemade weaning recipes, organic food is often cheapest when bought locally, This also means you know exactly where the food has come from. 


Local farmers markets can be a great option but regular supermarkets also carry a wide range of organic produce. 


Eating seasonally can also help if you want to eat organically and on a budget!


If you can’t source organic foods, it’s not the end of the world! Introducing your little one to a wide variety of vegetables is one of the most important things on the weaning journey, no matter if they’re organic or not. 


Environmental Benefits 

We are all becoming more conscious of our environmental impact and are more mindful of the kind of world we are leaving for our children to inherit. 


Organic food production is much kinder to nature which is a really big win for those who are trying to make a difference. It’s super hard, we know!


The use of fewer chemicals means waterways and land are not polluted to the extent they are with conventional food processing methods. So that means clean water and clean eating!


Artificial fertilisers and pesticides can also harm local wildlife, so by cutting them out of the farming process, the local ecosystem is able to flourish leaving more bugs, bees and birds. One day, your little one might love to learn about them as they begin to explore the natural world so we need to make sure they’re still around!


Organic farming often goes hand-in-hand with more sustainable farming methods, helping to leave a better legacy for our children!


Tomatoes growing on the vine


For those that desire cleaner and greener eating, organic food is a great choice. 


Like many decisions when it comes to food and your baby’s development, the choice to opt for organic ingredients will be an individual one. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to baby food, so individual food journeys should be embraced, provided they are healthy and varied! 


For more guidance on weaning and organic recipes, why not take a look at our weaning tab and recip-ease section?