Our Team

Based between London and our own factory in Wales, everyone in our team is obsessed with making a difference to the baby food market. We treat all our team, experts, suppliers and community like family and how we would want to be treated – why wouldn't you?

You can check out everyone behind the scenes here and if you fancy joining the family get in touch

Our Experts

Charlotte Stirling-Reed
Registered Nutritionist specialising in infant and toddler nutrition.

“I’ve been working with Babease for over a year and love being part of the team. They have a real passion for helping parents get it right when it comes to introducing solid foods the right way, by having veg-led and flavour-led focused recipes. You probably won't find such layered and considered ingredients in other baby food and recipes and the early years are the best time to teach baby's palate about texture, variety and flavour.”

Madeleine Shaw 
Madeleine Shaw: Nutritional therapist and author.

“I would love to cook every day but sometimes, it's just not possible. It's great being able to pick up a Babease pouch for my son in emergencies or when we're out and about, they really are the next best thing to home-made. The Babease recipes are packed full of flavour and variety which have really helped to develop my son's palate and encourage him to become an adventurous eater. I'm honoured to work with a family who really go the extra mile for you.”

Our Suppliers

Each of our suppliers is like family and we work with them directly growing speciality ingredients with innovative farming methods to yield organic, baby-grade crop, dairy and meat.

Our Retailers

We work with retailers all over the nation to get Babease to you as easily as possible. 

If there's a store you would like to see us in, or if you are a stockist, please get in touch with us. 

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