Food for babies, not baby food.

We believe that making food for babies isn’t an excuse to say “goo goo” and give them gloop. You deserve real words and your babies deserve real food. Babease exists because we want to see parents more informed and babies more fulfilled. So we pledge 3 promises to all parents:

We make eating fun

You wouldn’t introduce your baby to music by playing one note over and over again and it’s the same with food. Babease recipes provide healthy and delicious ways to experiment with challenging flavours and textures, so you can enjoy more giggles and smiles as your baby discovers new favourites.

We make goodness fundamental

We're honest about what makes us “good”. Babies need complete meals with food combinations that are nutritionally balanced and flavour that prepares them for good eating habits as they grow. Goodness also extends to our business practices — sustainability and fairness are important to you, and they’re even more crucial for us. It's up to people like us to lead by example. 

We make cooking fast

In an ideal world, no one would need us. But in reality, we know (because we're parents ourselves) that parents don't always have the time, energy and sometimes confidence to cook everything from scratch at home. So we're here to make (what we can) easier.  You can come back here and find facts and hacks to help you cook at home — but when you don't have the time, (and that's okay) we're here with some readymade goodness whenever you need us.

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