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Vegetable-Led Weaning Recipes

We at Babease strongly believe in the power of vegetables! Not only are these greens (or oranges, reds, purples…) full of nutritious goodness, but they’re also the perfect way to introduce new tastes to your little one.

Starting weaning with vegetables helps your baby learn about more bitter flavours early on, which can help them develop a better appetite for veggies as they grow.

Here at Babease, we’ve collected some of our favourite recipes from the Babease kitchen and community so that you can introduce your budding foodie to a range of veg-based tastes and textures!

Weaning Recipes at Six Months

If you and your little one are just starting off on the weaning journey, we have some wonderfully nutritious homemade recipes for your budding foodie! Whether you’re starting with spoon-feeding or diving straight into finger foods, we have dishes for even the smallest of mouths, including:

  • Savoury Waffles
  • Sweet Potato and Squash Mash
  • Garden Vegetable Fritters

Baby-Led Weaning Recipes

If you want to take a more baby-led approach to weaning, our recipes section includes plenty of exciting ideas to keep your little one excited about food.

Our healthy, homemade BLW recipe ideas include finger foods such as vegetable sticks, fritters, flapjacks and more - everything you need to give your growing foodie the goodness they need.

Quick and Easy Baby Weaning Recipes

Somedays, you just need something simple and homemade to serve for your budding foodie. If you’re looking for new baby weaning ideas that are easy to make, our blog is full of classic staples with exciting twists.

If you’re stuck for time, here are some of our favourite baby weaning meals, all of which can be found in our recipes section!

  • Pumpkin Pancakes
  • Mock’eroons
  • Pea Pasta
  • Butternut Squash and Chickpea Mash

Nutritious Family Recipes for Babies

Ensuring your baby gets the nutritious goodness they need is one of the most important aspects of weaning. Here at Babease, we’ve got tons of lovely, healthy family recipes that are also suitable for your weaning baby!

Eating the same meal as your little one is a great way to get them excited about food, as they’ll love copying you while you eat! Here are some family weaning recipes you can discover here:

  • Baby Chickpea Curry
  • Butternut Squash Cookies
  • Kale and Bean Burger
  • Winter Vegetable Casserole

Explore our wide range of baby weaning recipes today - whether you’re looking for something quick and easy or a nutritious meal for the whole family, we hope you will discover something new for your budding foodie!