Times of celebration, like Valentine’s Day, can offer a great opportunity to introduce your budding foodie to special new baby recipes that offer different textures, flavours, shapes and combinations. 

These savoury flapjacks with a veggie twist are a healthy weaning option that is sure to excite little taste buds!

150g porridge oats

100g grated cheese

100g grated vegetable of your choice, with any excess water squeezed out (carrots, parsnips, sweet potato or courgette make great options)

50g butter

1 large beaten egg

  1. Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas Mark 4.
  2. Mix together all the ingredients apart from the butter into a large bowl. 
  3. Melt the butter in a pan over a gentle heat.
  4. Once melted, add the veggie-oat mixture to the pan and mix thoroughly.
  5. Grease a square tin before transferring the mixture into it. If making for Valentine's Day, you can also shape the mixture into hearts with cookie cutters or your hands before transferring to a baking tray!
  6. Bake for around 20 minutes, or until golden.
  7. Cool on a wire rack to cool before serving. 
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Did you know that carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A? 


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