A perfect boost to any busy day, this vegan-friendly, dairy-free smoothie recipe only takes five minutes to make! 

It sounds like a lot of spinach, but it really does blend down to nothing.

For one glass:

½ glass of almond milk
½ bag of washed baby spinach
1 tablespoon of pumpkin seed butter (almond butter will also work)
1-2 teaspoons hemp seed protein (optional)
½ frozen banana
A sprinkle of bee pollen (optional)

  1. Freezing your bananas is quite a good way to not waste them when you have a glut (which we have all experienced once or twice!). Slice them in 1cm thick slices and place them on a non stick tray and freeze until firm.
  2. Transfer into a air tight container and store until needed.
  3. When ready, put all the ingredients into your blender and start on low, building up to high until you have a silky mix.
  4. Pour into your glass and sprinkle with bee pollen if you wish.
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