These healthy frozen egg pops are a fun and easy Easter snack kids will love helping to make!

You’ll need a silicone mould and lollypop sticks to make these pops - we used an egg-shaped mould for an Easter treat, but you can make any lolly shapes with the moulds you have! 

baby food from around 6 months

Greek yoghurt 
4 x Babease breakfast pouches 
Handful of fresh blueberries (mashed for 6-12 months) 
Handful of fresh raspberries (mashed for 6-12 months)
Sugar-free granola (pulsed to a crumb for 6-12 months) 

  1. Place the Greek yoghurt and the pouches into each egg of the silicone mould, filling each egg to about a third. 
  2. Add a small handful of granola and a few raspberries and blueberries to each egg mould. If your little one is under 12 months, make sure the berries are mushed up and the granola is pulsed to a crumb before adding. 
  3. Place a lolly stick into each compartment, laying it down as flat as possible.
  4. Fill each egg to the top with yoghurt or pouches making sure it covers all of the fruit and the lolly stick.
  5. Place the egg mould in the freezer for at least 4 hours.
  6. Once frozen serve and enjoy! 
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Easter egg lollies


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