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From around 7 months

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From around 7 months

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At Babease, we believe in the power of vegetables and delicious, nutritious food from the beginning of the weaning journey! Discover our range of veggie-packed pouches and finger foods to find a new favourite for your budding foodie. 

Organic Baby Food Pouches

No matter which weaning stage your little one is exploring, our pouches offer a variety of exciting options full of flavour and texture designed to intrigue little taste buds.

Stage 1 Baby Food

Suitable for little ones around six months old, our Stage 1 baby food pouches focus on introducing new flavour experiences. Their smooth consistency and mild flavours make them perfect for those just starting to enjoy the world of food. 

Stage 2 Baby Food

We recommend starting on our Stage 2 pouches when your baby is around seven months. At this point, they’ll be used to eating solids and will be ready to try a wider range of flavours and different textures. 

With various nutritious recipes including curries, bakes and stews, there are lots of tasty new experiences to discover in our Stage 2 range!

Stage 3 Baby Food

From around ten months old, your little one will be eating more and working their way towards three solid meals a day. 

Our Stage 3 baby weaning pouches contain bigger bites and more complex flavours with additional spices and herbs, making them perfect quick meals for growing foodies. 

Baby Finger Foods

Finger foods are another vital part of the weaning journey. Our veggie puffs are perfect for little hands, allowing your baby to engage with their food and explore at their own pace.

Babease Weaning Bundles

For extra value and convenience, we have created weaning bundles including numerous pouches. Choose from the Just Veg Bundle or complete Product Bundle to treat your little one to a whole new world of nutritious flavours and textures. 

Vegan Baby Food 

Our wide range also offers vegan-friendly options, ensuring all foodies can experience our wonderful, nutritious pouches.

Explore the Babease veg-led pouch range now to discover tasty, nutritious food for your growing foodie!