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Fill your kitchen cupboards with organic goodness at a fraction of the price! Our bundles are perfect for busy homes, allowing you to offer various tasty, nutritious and organic pouches to your budding foodie.

Weaning at 6 Months

The NHS and Public Health England recommend starting weaning at around six months. Around this time, your little one will begin to show signs that they’re ready for weaning, such as sitting up on their own and being able to move their hand to their mouth.

Six months is only a guide, however. Some babies may be able to start a little earlier if they show readiness, whereas others might need a little bit longer. If you’re unsure, speak to a healthcare professional who can give advice specific to your little one.

Baby Weaning Ideas

The most important thing during weaning is ensuring your little one gets the nutrients they need to grow through while experiencing an increasing range of tastes and textures.

Weaning is about giving your little one the skills they need for a lifelong relationship with food, so it’s important they get to try plenty of different tastes and textures, even those they might not like at first!

While we would all like to offer our budding foodies an array of homemade delights, often, the real world gets in the way. Our pouches are a quick and easy way to treat your baby to new tastes on those busy weekdays.

All our pouches are made using simple, organic ingredients, just like you would serve at home. Our bundles offer our complete range at a reduced price, making it easier than ever to provide a variety of tastes and nutrients to your budding foodie!

Vegetarian Baby Food

Here at Babease, we’re passionate about providing nutritious, honest and veg-led food for babies. All our products are clearly labelled, so you know exactly what goodness your little one’s getting.

Many of our baby weaning pouches are suitable for vegetarians, but we’ve also created just-veg bundles. Packed with a wide range of organic vegetables, you can be confident that your little one’s getting the goodness they need from their Babease meals.

Dairy-Free Baby Pouches

A lot of our Babease pouches are also dairy-free! To learn more about our pouches’ nutrition content, check out the ingredients and nutrition sections of our bundles, or browse the individual products in our store. Alternatively, feel free to get in contact with our friendly team - we are happy to help you find the right choice for your baby.

Our pouches are the best way to experience the entire Babease range. Whether you’re stocking your cupboards or want to treat your little one to something new, discover one of our incredible bundles today!