Stage 1

From around 6 months

Pumpkin & Peas

Sweet Potato, Carrot & Cauliflower

Butternut Squash, Carrot & Broccoli

Sweet Potato, Peas & Spinach

Parsnip, Carrot & Kale

Sweet Potato, Pear & Coconut Water

Pear, Mixed Berries & Coconut Water

Strawberry, Apple & Coconut Water

Here at Babease, we believe the weaning journey should start with tasty, nutritious food that excites budding foodies from the get-go! 

Our Stage 1 pouches are perfect for introducing your little one to a range of new veggies and flavours. 

Weaning at 6 Months

The weaning journey is broken down into three broad stages. Stage 1 weaning usually begins when your little one is six months old. Although some may feel ready to start slightly earlier or later than six months, this is around the time that babies are usually ready to start exploring solid food. 

Introducing Solids

Your baby’s first tastes are all about introducing them to a wide variety of flavours while getting them engaged in the weaning journey and intrigued about food. 

Here at Babease, we are big believers in veg-led weaning from the start, as you can see with our Stage 1 range! 

Our pouches provide super-nutritious and delicious flavour experiences; they are packed with a variety of organic vegetables, including favourites like peas, carrots, sweet potato and more.

Pouches from our Stage 1 range have a smooth consistency that is perfect for babies at the start of weaning. 

Convenient Baby Meals

We know that life can get hectic, which is why we’ve created our nutritious pouches for whenever you might need them. 

Our pouches are a great option for those busy days; you can be sure that your baby is still getting the best organic ingredients as you would serve from home, with all the convenience of a ready-to-go pouch!

Vegan Baby Food 

All of our Stage 1 pouches are vegan-friendly, making them great options for all foodies. Among our dairy-free baby pouches that offer both sweet and savoury flavours, we’re sure you will come across a new favourite. 

Here at Babease, we’re dedicated to providing your little one with tasty food packed with goodness - not just baby food! Discover our Stage 1 weaning pouches now to explore new and exciting flavours with your budding foodie.