Finger Food

From around 7 months

100% Pea Puffs

100% Lentil Puffs – Tomato

Treat your little one to a world of exciting tastes and new textures with our baby weaning finger foods. With a variety of nutritious flavours available, there’s something for every budding foodie!

The Importance of Finger Foods

Finger foods are a crucial part of the weaning journey for your baby. During weaning, your little one is learning all the eating skills they’ll need as they grow through different tastes and textures.

Through enjoying finger foods, your little one will learn about bringing food to their mouth and take the first steps to self-feeding. Finger foods also offer different textures to other foods, allowing your budding foodie to experience something new in the wide world of food.

Baby-Led Weaning Foods

Baby-Led Weaning (or BLW) is an approach to weaning that favours giving your little one more control over what and how they eat. Finger foods play an essential role in BLW, providing the perfect way for your little one to hold and eat their food at their own pace.

Finger foods are also an important part of traditional weaning, however, and there’s no right or wrong way to do weaning. Often, a combination of BLW and conventional spoon-feeding is the best approach, giving your little one the nutrients and skills they need to grow into a lifelong relationship with food.

Finger Foods for 6 Months

A traditional approach to weaning will usually start with spoon-fed purees. However, you can offer finger foods from the beginning of the weaning journey when your little one’s ready to start eating solids.

If offering finger foods from the beginning of weaning, we would recommend starting with something soft that’s easy to hold and chew. Then, during Stage 2, and once they’ve got more used to eating solids, you can introduce them to our range of puffs.

Vegan Baby Food

We offer a range of organic baby finger food designed to cater to every little one’s needs. Many of our baby weaning puffs are vegetarian and vegan, made with only a handful of nutritious ingredients to give you peace of mind.

Why not try some of our baby weaning finger foods today? Made with all the love and care of our organic pouches, you might even want a packet for yourself!